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You will need to login to access Product Alerts, Downloads and Documentation from our website. Unlike the Support Site where each customer site has one login, on the Client Portal each individual officer has their own personal login. If you are an existing SynergySoft user and don’t yet have your own login details, click on join (top right of screen) to join our website now. If you have already joined but can't remember your username, please send an email to If you've forgotten your password click on Forgot your password? (bottom left of screen)).


If you would like to add a new or view details about an existing Support Request, please go to the IT Vision Support Site at 


To view our list of programmed courses or to register for an upcoming course please click here.

Click here to find out about IT Vision’s complimentary, pay per view and subscription package options for pre-recorded e learning options. We recommend these as a tool to supplement your existing induction and refresher training programs.

Registered users (i.e. those with a login to our Client Portal) can login to our ODR website directly.


Current Release: V11.1.183

The following notes are provided with and are available for the Release on the Client Portal (once logged in):

  • Release Notes (which include all fixes and enhancements in the release
  • Enhancements documents (these cover all the major changes that went into the release and instructions on how to setup and use them)
  • Installation Guide (includes detailed installation instructions and an easy to use Checklist)
The full installation set (which includes the above notes plus software upgrade) is available on our ftp site. Please contact IT Vision at IT Vision Support or phone (08) 9315 7000 if you require login instructions.


Most recently published documents on the IT Vision website:

Document Name Version Published Date
SynergySoft Rates Essentials QLD V3 13/03/2018
SynergySoft Interim Rates QLD V2 06/03/2018
SynergySoft Property Essentials QLD V1 03/03/2018
Using the Picklist User Guide V2 22/11/2017
SynergyOnline Technical Setup Guide V13 09/10/2017
SynergyOnline User Guide V20 09/10/2017
General Mapping User Guide V6 09/10/2017
Purchase Orders User Guide V6 09/10/2017
Cemeteries User Guide V6 03/10/2017
Infringements User Guide V14 03/10/2017
Customer Services User Guide V7 02/10/2017
Workshop Maintenance User Guide V11 29/09/2017
Rates Modelling and Billing User Guide V36 27/09/2017
Report Manager User Guide V18 18/09/2017
Report Manager - Instant Report Quick Reference Card V1 08/09/2017
Report Manager - Excel Report Quick Reference Card V1 08/09/2017
Report Manager - Word Report Quick Reference Card V1 08/09/2017
Report Manager - Crystal/CrystalPDF Report Quick Reference Card V1 08/09/2017
Scheduled Reporting User Guide V7 08/09/2017
Email Only Items User Guide V4 08/09/2017
SynergyOnline Technical Setup Guide V12 18/08/2017
SynergyOnline User Guide V19 18/08/2017
Sending emails from SynergySoft V3 18/08/2017

TIP: To locate a document on the website you can type its name into the Search box (near the top right of your screen).

If you have any feedback on how we might improve our User Guides further or would like to request an update to a particular User Guide, please email to let us know.

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