How to Print Payslips

  1. Select Payroll/PersonnelPayroll Reports Misc


  1. In the Generate Pay Slip File section of the screen enter the following:

Extract Date

This is the date of the pay run for which you want to print payslips.

Select Employee

If you want to generate a payslip for a specific employee only enter the employee number in the Select Employee text field, or select an employee name from the drop down list.

If you want to create a payslip for every employee, leave the text field blank.


  1. Select the Generate button

The system will display a message questioning whether you want to start the Report manager to create the payslips.


  1. Select Yes

A list of all available report templates will be displayed in a picklist.


  1. Double click on the template that you would like to use.

A Definition screen will then appear.


  1. Select the Generate tab


  1. Select all relevant settings then select the Process button to generate the report.

The system will display a message questioning whether you want to activate the associated program. (The associated program is the program that will be used to create the payslips (e.g. Word, Excel, Access, etc).


  1. Select OK.


  1. You can then use the associated programís Print option to print the payslips.


  1. You can re-print Payslips any number of times.



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