How to define Bank Codes

TIP: If you would like to know more about the Bank Codes option and what it is used for before getting started, see Bank Branches first.


Start SynergySoft

Select Systems Financials Creditors from the main SynergySoft menu, or

Select the button labelled CR from the SynergySoft main toolbar.


This will display the Creditors menu.


  1. To define your Creditors' Bank/ Branch Codes select the Bank Branches option from the Creditors menu.

This will display the Search screen


To create a new Bank Code:

  1. Select the Add button from the main SynergySoft menu

This will display the Details screen


  1. Enter the following details to define the Bank Code:




To search for an existing Bank Code:




This will display a picklist of Bank codes that match the selection criteria you entered.



Where to from here?

See Creditor - Steps

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