RDO's can be calculated using either of the following 2 options. Once you’ve specified how you would like RDO’s to be calculated, the system will automatically calculate the correct number of RDO hours for each pay period.


RDO’s will continue to be accrued until the point at which the employee takes some or all of the hours as leave.


Specify how RDO's are calculated:

  1. Select EmployeesPay/TaxStandard RDO Hours

  2. Enter a value in this text field.

The employee will accrue that number of hours RDO each pay period.


    1. Select EmployeesPay/Tax

    2. In the % of Gross pay to be accrued for RDO text field, enter a percentage value


  1. Select AwardsDetailsRDO Percentage

NOTE: Only use this option when employees under the Award work irregular hours from pay period to pay period. When this is not the case, enter a value in the Standard RDO Hours text field on the Employees Pay/Tax screen instead.


If you select this option the system will calculate RDO's as follows:

RDO's are calculated based on the normal (not standard) hours that an employee works.

If an employee works a 19 day month and a standard 76 hours per fortnight for example, enter a value of 5% in the % of Gross pay to be accrued for RDO field.


In the first fortnight if the employee actually works 80 hours (and these hours are entered using Time Card Entry) the system generates an entry of -4 hours RDO (leave type R).

This ensures that they are paid a net 76 hours and accrue 4 hours RDO.


Hours worked


RDO accrued


Hours paid




In the second fortnight if the employee works 72 hours the system generates an entry

of -3.6 hours RDO.

If the employee takes their RDO, the pay clerk will need to add a new entry for 7.6 hours in Payroll Variations.


This can be recorded against a different leave type e.g. RT (RDO Taken). The RDO Taken Leave Type can be linked to the leave type R (standard RDO code) so that the 2 adjustments are netted off against each other.


On the employee's payslip and in the entitlements area the RDO accrued and RDO taken figures will show separately, as follows:


Hours worked


RDO accrued


RDO taken


Hours paid



TIP: To ensure that RDO accruals are not calculated on leave types e.g. Annual Leave Sick Leave, Bereavement Leave, Leave without Pay or RDOs, open each Leave Type and ensure that the standard RDO code (code R) is included in the "Suspend Leave for Specific Leave Types" table.


To view the number of RDO’s that an employee has accrued:

  1. select PersonnelLeave/Reminder.

From this tab it is possible to view a list of every leave type that the employee has ever accrued or been paid and to view their current total entitlement to each type of leave.


If you select the option to print RDO Accruals on an employee's payslips (by selecting Parameters Other Print RDO Accrual) the total number of RDO’s that an employee has accrued will be printed on an employee’s payslip


TIP: You can also view RDO details by selecting the View Payslip button from Payroll Variations. The system will display a preview of the selected employee’s payslip for the current pay run. The payslip will show the number of hours that the employee has accrued as RDO’s during the current pay period, and total value of any RDO’s accrued for the Year to Date.